March 24th, 2008

Ordinary humans

It doesn't look like spring out there!

There's still snow out there. It seems like it should be gone by now. I think that's just because for the last several winters we didn't have lasting snows of any kind, and so when it would snow in March and then get warm the only snow there to melt was the stuff that had just fallen. This year there was already some snow from earlier that hadn't melted yet.
Oh well, as long as it's warmish out I'm ok with it.

Joe at work hadn't tallied everyone's points yet, but the general consensus at work is that I'm most likely in the lead for the March Madness bracket! And that's even with Duke, Georgetown, UConn, etc getting knocked out already. w00t! Of course, if I do win they aren't going to let me get in on any future gambling since I also took 90% of the Super Bowl pool...

I totally forgot to post this picture yesterday:

And now I'm going to stop wasting time and actually work on school stuff.