April 14th, 2008

Bite me!

No homework for you!

Well, I was going to work on my HTML scripting homework while eating a late lunch at Panera, but I can't. My teacher's server that our assignments are all up on comes back with a message of:

The SonicWALL Content Filter Has Blocked this site.
If you feel this site has been blocked in error,
Please submit a URL Rating Review at:
URL: http://xxxxxxxxx.html
Reason for restriction: Forbidden Category "Other"

Other? What kind of a restriction category is that?!?! Although Carl's site isn't hosted on the school servers everything we do for class has to maintain the same standards as if it was hosted on the state funded machine, so it's definitely not questionable material. Grrr.

Stoopid Panera/SonicWALL censorship! My homework isn't porn!!!!!! Guess I'm off to school sooner than I planned!
Gabe yawn


I'm trying to work on homework and Gabriel decided that he wanted to type too.
The following is a message from the Cranky Old Man (line breaks inserted by me because I care more about not breaking your friends page than he does!)


And the little snot keeps holding down the brightness key so that the screen goes dark.

Stoopid cat!


And now Lump felt the need to put in her $0.02 worth: