May 19th, 2008

Monkey sex


Hey all you JoCo fans! Did you know that there's a whole Wiki devoted to all things Coulton? It's the JoCopedia!

While checking out the Shows page there I noticed that the May 1st show was his only Twin Cities appearance listed there.
I added pages for his two previous times here: Dec. 6, 2007 at the Varsity and Oct. 6, 2006 at the Fitzgerald Theater when he was here with John Hodgman.
I SUCK at remembering set lists, so if you were at the December show and can remember all the songs he sang, hop on over to the Wiki and edit the show page. (Or if you don't feel like editing just let me know and I'll do it.) Same goes for the 2006 Hodgman appearance, although I don't think any of y'all on my flist were at that...

What Bit The Hellziggy?

And the answer to yesterday's poll is:

White-breasted Nuthatch!

This close-up of the little guy getting one last nibble in is cropped from one of Scott Taylor's photos.

Two of you got it right - genevra, who knew I was going to a birding thing, and kafilipi, who actually saw the Nuthatch bite me! By far the most common guess from you lot was Hellbob! LOL!

Yesterday morning I went out to Ritter Farm Park down in Lakeville because they were having a birding event. The raptor center was out there, there were stations to build your own birdhouse, and the really cool thing I went down for was Mark and Roger (aka Minnesota Birdnerd) had set up a banding station. The nets were already down when I got there but there were plenty of birds still waiting to be banded. I had met Mark & Roger several times before at Birdchick's Birds 'n Beers gatherings, and Scott Taylor who I had also met at Birds 'n Beers was there taking pictures. I also saw kafilipi out there. Here's another of the photos Scott took of me releasing the Nuthatch. He caught the bird right in mid wing flap, looking pretty darn cool!