June 15th, 2008


Free & Cheap music!

I'm signed up at this cool new site called amiestreet.com.

They have music with no DRM that you can buy. The really cool part is the price. Everything starts FREE when it goes on there. Then they rise in price up to 98¢, based on their popularity.
Also, the artists get 70% of the sales!
So basically the songs don't quite hit the iTunes price, there's no DRM, and the artists get a heck of a lot more money per song than iTunes would give them!

It's a great way to find new artists for free. They're not all unknowns either.

And if you want to sign up give me an email and I'll send you a referral email. That way we both get free money to spend on songs. :)

And then go buy Sunspot's stuff if you don't have it yet! Their songs are all still at 15¢ & 17¢ so you can get all 4 albums for about $7 which is less than I paid for just one of them!