July 7th, 2008

Moose Stalker

Will I ever catch up???

Damn! To catch up I'm going to have to go to at least skip=300. And that's without most of my local geek peeps posting for 4 days!

The convention was most excellent.
I am beyond exhausted.
I sold TWO photographs!!!
I hugged many many people and was hugged by many many people.
There were LOTS of men in kilts!
Moose also had an excellent time.
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Almost there!

OK, I'm up to skip=50! I just hit my post that I made at lunch.
I may just get caught up soon! :)
I'm trying to read y'all's posts but really I am just mostly skimming. So if you posted "OMG you have to read this!" Type stuff that I appear to have ignored just gently nudge me in the direction of it. All ignoration was completely unintentional.

Speaking a different language

We all know that there is online language that's not used in real life, like leet-speak and such.

But I'm wondering if any of you have ways of talking online that don't translate to your spoken language in the real world?

For me, it is y'all. I pretty much never use y'all when talking to people. It's just not part of my spoken language. But it is actually fairly common for me to say y'all when I'm writing on LJ. I don't know the reason for this dichotomy, I just found it interesting.
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