August 30th, 2008

Bear & Moose

This candidate is not supported by Moose!

I don't post a lot about politics, but I just have to make this post on Moose's behalf. He would like to state that he does not support McCain & Palin. What does he have against them, you ask? It is this, from the U.S. News & World Report article, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Sarah Palin!


Yes, Moose would like to state for the record that he just can not support any member of any political party that EATS his family!

In other news, Moose likes boobies!

Photo © 2008 the super awesome Moose travel companion chebutykin!

They fight evil so you don't have to!

Don't play with fire. That's some darn good advice. Here's some better advice: Don't play with lasers, phasers or rayguns. Don't play with transporters, matter descramblers, DNA enhancers, corpse reanimators and plasma injectors. But, most of all... Don't play with probes. Probes are bad.
Fighting evil so you don't have to know stuff like this.
The Middleman!

Everyone should be watching this show because it's funny as hell.
The MonkeyHouse was not watching it.
It's been added to their Tivo now. *evil grin*

Chiana & Gabe

Tivo must haves?

Ok minions! I'm bored with the selections on the MonkeyTivo.

I'm here by myself and I have the remote.

The presence of two four-year-olds in this house is obvious by the abundance of "Blue's Clues" and "Yo Gabba Gabba" on the MonkeyTivo.


What shows should genevra & akdar be watching? If I agree with your selection it might just get added to their Tivo while they are gone. The Middleman has already been added.

Mwah hah hah!!!!

There was just nothing good I could find on TV, so I grabbed our friend M's "Wonderfalls" DVDs and have been watching that instead.