September 15th, 2008

Impossible things

*tap*tap* Is this thing still on?

Dang. I haven't updated for almost a week and a half! That's practically forever in my LJ world! :)

School started 3 weeks ago, so I'm back in the world of having to do homework again. That's what I spent a good chunk of this afternoon doing.

Rick & I spent last Sunday cleaning the house. My god, was there a lot of clutter in the living room! We're enjoying having a clean house again. :)

While de-cluttering, I came across the negatives of the pictures we took during the inspection before we bought our house. Most people never saw the basement before chebutykin & chebutykinDad helped with the remodel before she moved in.

Here are two before pictures:



You like that lovely GREEN fireplace? And isn't that linoleum/70's brown panel combo just awesome?

We're not really doing much with it right now, but hellbob was just hooking the playstation up down there earlier tonight. Eventually we're going to turn it into an uber-moviewatching room.

I took these pictures tonight to show what the wall/floor/fireplace look like. (Just ignore the disarray of the furniture, k?)
chebutykin picked the paint and wallpaper border when she moved in. There had been a space heater in the wall, and even though we redid the sheetrock on all the walls the hole in that wall gave us the idea of setting the fridge into the wall so it wouldn't take up any room.



I don't know WTF was up with the pictures in this one, but I loaded them to a different photo site so they should work now.
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About a month ago when I mentioned working on a quilt, san_valentine said I should post pictures of it. Here are the pictures, along with the story of the quilt.

The quilt is a basic diamond/star pattern, with each star having two solid diamonds and two patterned diamonds.

This quilt top was pieced together decades ago by my Grandma Stelzig (my dad's mom), using scraps from the 8 kids' old clothing. The whole thing was hand pieced.

My mom was originally going to do the quilting, but only got about 3 of the circles done. She was doing a very simple pattern of just repeating the same diamond shapes in the cirlcles. I thought that was too boring so I took out the little she had done and started doing these flowers instead.

Of course, I didn't think about how many I would have to do when I started it! There are 275 circles on the quilt that need flowers quilted in. Also, I'm doing the outlines of the diamonds too. 275 of them.

I started with the very center circle and spiraled out from there. Once I hit the middle of each edge I switched to working my way from where I was done out to just one corner. When that corner is done I'll switch to the next, then the next, and then the final one.

And, of course, I've learned that it is impossible to quilt without a little help from a cat or two!

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