October 19th, 2008


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12:30AM on a Saturday night... What are all of you up to? I'm sitting in hellbob's cube at B.S. with him... We've been here since 8:00. He needed to work for "about an hour." *sigh* If I had my laptop I could have gotten a bunch of homework done!
Tomorrow is the MISFITS Scavenger Hunt. I intend to kick all kinds of ass with my team of me, chebutykin, dramatekcv, and genevra!
Looks like Hellbob is finally ready for us to go! Yay!
Opus Spock

That was a heck of a lot of fun!

The MISFITs Scavenger Hunt was today.

First of all, congrats to Team America (eldogo, ethel, frozendragon, and michaellee) who took first place.

Arkham Hell took a very respectable 2nd place! w00t! The team consisted of me, chebutykin, dramatekcv, and genevra.

Here are some of our team photos for the hunt.

"Photo of the whole team in the middle of the Mississippi River"

We're in the DeLaSalle parking lot... On an island in the Mississippi

"Photo of the whole team in front of a jail"


"Photo of the whole team with the Mary Tyler Moore statue"


We had all our photos taken by one of our items:
A scout in uniform, aka lio. And yes, he sat on the table with all our items during judging. :)

I don't know if facebook pictures can be hotlinked or not, but if they can, here is our team with our stuff:

In the "I can't believe we freakin' got that" category, we have a weather balloon!
In the "Don't ask, don't tell" category, we have leg cuffs.
In the "Make it ourselves" category, we have chocolate covered bacon. (bacon bits in chocolate pudding)

It was great fun, but I'm pretty sure my knees are going to have something to say about that tomorrow!