January 16th, 2009


Snorfley dogs FTW!

Remember my post about my friend's dog that is in the running for Cutest Canine in the Twin Cities? Wilma not only made the top 25, but she is now in the top 10!!

The voting is now set for once per hour. If you think Wilma is cute go vote for her! I gotta admit, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy is pretty darn cute, but as ethel said, it's easy for a puppy to be cute. All puppies are cute. Wilma is 8 years old and she's still cute!

If you need more incentive to go vote for Wilma than that cute little face and that tongue, go read THIS POST about ethel's plans for any and all prize money Wilma wins.

JoCo Henchmen

JoCo TV interview

JoCo and Paul & Storm are playing in Denver tonight. One of the Denver TV stations had JoCo on for an interview and a live acoustic song today. Brian, the awesome host of Coverville, recorded it and put it up on YouTube for us non-Denver people to enjoy.