April 12th, 2009

Robot Sign

Hole-eee shit, y'all!

Yes, I am still alive. I think.

This is my first post in April, and in March I only made 8. What the hell happened?

I'll tell ya what happened: Life! I know there are people posting less because of Facebook or Twitter, and even though I'm on those that really isn't the reason I'm posting less. It's mostly because OMG! I'm GRADUATING in a MONTH!!!!!! The portfolio show is in LESS THAN A MONTH!!! Eeeeeeeek! Time to freak out!!!!!!!!!

I was in charge of getting our portfolio show invitations printed after the Art Direction Committee designed them and the PR committee gathered the addresses for them. That assignment will be successfully completed sometime this week! We'd gotten bids from a few printers and Shapco came in cheapest. Then, as we were about to go to press, the mailing guy there, when we went to ask him a different question, noticed that our address box was too high and was out of the machine readable area. This last minute catch saved us over $1000 dollars! If our invites were not machine readable we would not be getting the non-profit bulk rate. *whew* Not only did this help us keep in budget after the school pulled $4000 promised to us, but it gave me HUGE brownie points with the teachers. *grin* They spent over $1000 in postage last year. This year - $144! Yay me!

Some of y'all are on my facebook or twitter and may have noticed my updates about the ER and stitches. Yeah, I'm dumb. I was cutting a sheet of paper on Wednesday with a straight edge and a razor and was in a hurry. Unfortunately my left index finger was hanging over the edge and I cut that instead. I'm pretty sure I didn't swear loud enough to be heard in any of the classrooms... Everyone else seemed to freak out more than me. Nick ran to the bathroom and got paper towels which I wrapped around it pretty tight and taped on. I was ready to continue on with life, but while looking for bandaids he told the teachers about it and so once they knew I was required to fill out a school incident report and head right over to the ER. I got 4 stitches, but I'd had it wrapped so good that I totally could have finished class first. :) It never even bled through the paper towels... So, for the first time since I was about 5, I went to the ER for stitches. I LOVE my iPhone, because besides Google Mapping where the ER was, I used it to forward the postage estimates to my classmate, and update my other classmate on my stitch status, all while browsing Facebook and Twitter. So yeah, that's my injury story. :)

What else has been up? Hmm. Last weekend we went to Rick's sister's house and made homemade potica with her, his cousins, and his aunt. That was fun! Then we came home to find an invite from our neighbors for supper. The evening ended with a little bit of Rockband.

Today was Easter with my family. I went with genevra, technomonkey_m and gigglemonkey_b. My dad was there, as well as a lot of my cousins and most of my aunts & uncles. And there was wine. Dear god, was there wine! Some store bought, dad's homemade raspberry and cranberry, and Uncle Bob's homemade grape. Yeah, wine definitely makes Guelker family gatherings a lot better!!!! I still find it kind of weird that my cousins are on Facebook even though they are the cousins who are younger than me... Cousin Lindsay's boyfriend Nick seems like a good guy. He likes potica, so he can't be all bad, right? :)

Yeah, that's about all there is to my life lately. Mostly just getting stuff together for school. Now I think I must go get Rick and force him to watch some Dollhouse with me while waiting for the Doctor Who special to download...