August 24th, 2009

Science Geek


I got to see my first real live bee hive on Saturday! It was sooooo cool.
Virginia has a bee hive over at the Midway Green Spirit Community Garden in Saint Paul, Minnesota and Saturday was some community garden open house thingy.

I took pictures. Yes, I know this is shocking to most of you because of my well documented fear of cameras... LOL.

Warning: There will be pictures of bees here, so if bees freak you out you should skim on past. :)


Virginia & Diane prying off the top box.

Just look at that frame loaded down with honey! This one was pretty heavy. Virginia asked if anyone felt brave enough to come hold it to see how heavy it was. Heck yeah! I jumped at that chance. The only other person who did was a kid who was about 10 or so and thought it was just the coolest thing ever.

A newborn! This little dude is crawling out of his cell for his first look at the wide world.

And I got to hold him! Since he was a drone he didn't have a stinger so I wasn't even in any danger of getting stung.

And that was my Saturday afternoon with Virginia and her bees.

And OMG, honey straight out of the hive was YUMMY!!!
South Pole


OK people. I haven't posted about voting for me for the Antarctica trip since Thursday on LJ and Friday on Twitter/Facebook. I haven't gotten any new votes for over 24 hours.

Time to pester y'all again!!!

Here's the route we will be taking on the cruise:

Not only will I be leaving North America for the first time, but I will be visiting TWO new continents.

Also, Moose REALLY wants to go back to Antarctica and bring me with him this time.

Also, the part in my entry where I said I'd applied for my passport because I'm confident of winning. Totally true. I've had the app for over a year and I finally did it. Make sure I get to use it, ok?

So please, go use ALL your email addresses to register at Quark Expeditions and vote for me to be the Official Quark Expeditions Blogger. And post this for all your friends to vote too. This isn't a U.S. only thing. I've already got votes from Iceland and England.

If you have a non-LJ blog it would be super awesome if you would post about it there with a link to the voting page too.

I solemnly swear to bring back a penguin for anyone who reposts this. *

*um, except for the part where that's totally illegal. But if it weren't, yeah, penguins for all of you!

I need 275 votes to get on the front page. The dude in the lead is still getting votes, so I totally need to get the word out there into some forum where a LOT of people will see it and vote. If we get me to the front page (or even to the 2nd page) I will have an easier time selling it to people to promote.

I've got just over a month to get 4600 votes. Let's do this!

The address to vote for me is here:

or if you want something shorter and easier to remember:

or if you want something even shorter for Twitter: