November 20th, 2009



As some of you saw on Facebook, I'm planning to sell skins for telephones using my photos for the designs.



I'm definitely going to do iPhones, but I have no idea what other kinds of phones are popular right now...

Time for a poll!

Poll #1488077 Talk to me

What type of phone do you use? Phone model please, i.e. "T-Mobile G1", not "Android"

If you don't have an LJ account & the poll doesn't allow anonymous, just leave a comment.

Of course, my selling these skins will be entirely dependent on the quality of the product. It's a printer I've never used before, so I've got one ordered for myself to make sure the skins will be up to the standards I'm accustomed to from DecalGirl. :) If they aren't I'm back to square one looking for someone to print them.