January 26th, 2010

lump yawn

Dripping, drying and funny tastes

I had planned to post earlier tonight as part of my goal of actually posting on LJ more than once every few weeks. But balancing the checkbook took precedence. At least that's done now. I also didn't post right away because I've fallen behind on reading y'all so I'm currently going back through my flist trying to see what I've missed. Don't be surprised if you start getting random comments to older posts. :)

We have to actually plan when to do laundry now here at the HellHouse, instead of just doing it when we need it or have time. Our dryer quit working about 2-3 weeks ago. When you hit the button it does about half a rotation then just stops and turns off. We don't know yet if it's fixable or if we'll have to replace it. Either way, until we have one we are washing our laundry here and then running to the laundromat 5 blocks away to dry it. I'm also going to get some rope to string in the basement and some clothes pins so that we can hang stuff to dry that we don't need right away.

Then I got to wipe up water in the dining room. The whole snow - melt - rain - freeze - thaw - etc of this winter caused an ice dam on our roof and now we have water coming in through the frame of one of our dining room windows. I don't know the specifics of how ice dams work or if it's a permanent leak now or what, but hellbob was pretty upset by it so I know it's not good. And the way our windows are set up there was really no good way to put a bucket under it. Luckily we have a camera tripod, so we've got a cake pan balanced on that with one edge on the window sill. *sigh*

My toothpaste tastes funny. I don't know if we just bought the wrong version of Colgate Total last time, or if they've changed it. I just know the taste is a tiny bit different. I'd bet that hellbob didn't even notice. But I've always been particular about having to use the same brand of toothpaste everytime and I don't like it when the tastes change! The off taste was bothering me all day until I ate lunch. I don't want to brush my teeth before bed even though I know I should!

And on that note, I'm off to brush my teeth and go to bed. G'nite all!