February 1st, 2010


I should be in bed

Oh crap. It's 1 am already? So much for my plans of doing a post about my weekend. :)

We had a lovely weekend with Becca visiting. We had dim sum at Jun Bo on Friday. I went shopping with her on Saturday. We played board games every night.

Her friend Albert was pretty weird & annoying though. He has zero social skills and no concept of how to converse w/o a computer screen. He also doesn't really shower. Strange boy. Not gonna be sad if I never see him again.

After the headed back to Fargo today, I picked up lablynne and hit the Birds & Beers gathering that Birdchick had organized. It was at Joe's Garage, so we could watch the 1000s of crows gather to roost for the night. Huge group. Biggest B&B ever. Beekeeper Virginia showed up! I hadn't seen her since I visited her bee hive this summer.

It was a nice weekend. I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow.

I haven't checked out the prices to fly to Phoenix in May yet, but I did google map the drive. 28 or 29 hours, depending on which of the two routes you take. If I drive I prefer the route through Denver, just because it's a part of the country I've never seen. And Denver is almost exactly the 1/2 way point. It would be a long drive though. Twice as long as the Epic Road Trip To Toronto To Touch James Marsters. Flying will probably be cheaper.

And no, it's not decided yet that I'm going. But until it is definitively decided that I'm not, I'm going to just keep that hope alive! :)