February 3rd, 2010

Gabe yawn

It's not just the posting meme. Sometimes there's actual content too.

Well, I'm finally starting to get phone & laptop skins put up on Etsy!
My shop is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SSSkins
yes, I only have 2 designs up so far. I'm planning on adding a bunch more. I just have to go through and plug the pictures into the templates so I've got images to put up. If you are interested in one and have a particular picture of mine in mind, just let me know and I can be sure to do that one sooner rather than later.

You know how in Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog if you hit the laundromat at the right time you'll find Nathan Fillian and Neil Patrick Harris fighting over Felicia Day? Well, not at my laundromat. :( The place actually isn't too bad though. And we really don't have to spend too much time there since our washer still works. It's only about 1/4 mile away, so we just haul our baskets of clean wet laundry in, and it only costs a buck or two. I would much rather have a working dryer in the basement though. :-/

Wisconsin has seceded from the nation. Ok, maybe not in real life, but in our 10 Days in the USA game it has. When we were playing this weekend after one game Rick asked who was hoarding Wisconsin because it had never come up in the draw pile. That's when we realized that none of us had seen it at all. A quick check of the cards, and sure enough, no Wisconsin. The folks at Out of the Box are so awesome though. I pretty much got an immediate response from Leah saying to just email her my mailing address and they'll send a replacement piece.

I just LOVED last nite's Big Bang Theory. Bazinga! I watched Lost tonight w/hellbob and that 2 hours just flew by. Hopefully at some point they will start answering questions instead of just creating new ones!

Even though there hasn't been a decision made about me (and hopefully Rick) going to the Phoenix Comic Con I started looking around at air ticket prices. It really sucks that it is on a holiday weekend, as it raises all the prices just a little bit. The con isn't even really using the holiday weekend. It goes Thurs-Sun, so the Monday holiday is a moot point. Right now Southwest Airlines isn't the cheapest option, but they seem to have sales fairly often. And I have to remember that if other airlines are just a little cheaper, the checked bag fee may make it essentially the same. At least if we decide to go the con itself is really cheap to register for: only $30!

So, on Twitter I joined that FourSquare location that you're at thingy. That was Sunday nite. Sometime Monday nite I got the Twitter email saying that due to possible phishing activity my password had been reset and to go make a new one. Nothing online has pointed to FourSquare, but since it was literally the next day after I gave them my password, they aren't getting the new one! I'll still update through the app though. It only took 3 checkins for me to become the mayor of West Photo.

Even though I don't want to ever auto publish my tweets to LJ, if I were to use one of those programs could I set it to always do the post as private? I don't feel like I need to broadcast everything, especially when it's one side of a conversation, but it would be nice to have a record of my tweets since they're not permanent like LJ.