February 4th, 2010

Wish I Was Dead

Posting meme, day 3

Again with the too hard to pic just one!

Day 03 - Your favorite television program

I shall just list Whedon as one item. I love them all. Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Dr. Horrible, and even Dollhouse. Buffy and Angel are my epic love. 12 seasons all together. My love of Spike, Angel, Willow and the others was what led me to fanfiction in the first place and while I don't read a lot of it anymore, I have many close friends here on LJ that I first met through those circles.
And Firefly. hellbob & I watched it from the first airing on TV. We were upset when it was cancelled. When the DVDs came out we rewatched in the real order, devouring the previously unseen episodes. When the movie Serenity came out we were there for both preview screenings here in Mpls and still saw it opening night.

Supernatural is the closest current thing to the feeling I got watching Buffy/Angel: Epic battles, good vs. evil, pretty boys. It is also the first show I fell in love with that had a devoted fan base that I connected with online right from the beginning. And really, who doesn't think that Chevy Impala they drive isn't just hot?

Some of the other shows that I absolutely adore are The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Farscape, the new Doctor Who & Torchwood, and Bones. msdillydally, who I stole this meme from, said Black Books, and that is definitely on my list of favorites also. It's a short little 3 series British comedy about a drunk bookshop owner and his two friends. It is brilliant, as is another British comedy, Spaced.

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Heard of HellZiggy?

Ugh. Tired.

I really shouldn't wait so late to do my posting, because now I'm too tired for an Actual Content post. I hope you all can survive until tomorrow. Good night. :)

a small bit of actual content

hellbob says I should definitely go to the Phoenix Comicon!


He's going to go too if we can manage it. It will depend on how I get there and how much it costs.

Do any of you guys want to go too? :)

One option we were considering was road tripping down.
It is a 28-29 hour drive according to the Google Maps. It is between 1700 & 1800 miles depending on which route you take. If road-tripping I'm leaning towards the route through Denver as I've already taken the other route once, and I've never ever ever been in the Rocky Mountains.
MplsPhx routes
This option is really only feasible if there are a few of us heading down. To minimize time needed off work, it would be nice to drive straight through to only lose just over one day to travel. That means multiple drivers. Plus, depending on start time it would also have the advantage of driving through the not-so-scenic Iowa & Nebraska in the dark. You could even go with if you're not Minneapolis people as long as you live somewhere close to that blue line.

Option #2 is flying. This option minimizes the possibility of Rick being able to go. Right now, round trips to Phoenix are running between $280 and $330, give or take a few fees. Southwest, who we love, is not the cheapest. They do, however, have a $20 leeway built in since they won't charge for my checked bag. (for ex., I consider a $320 United flight and a $300 SWA flight to be the same price). If flying is the decided method of travel, I still have over 3 months to keep an eye out for a sale, or possibly a really good air/hotel combo special.

If flying, there's no travel savings for multiple people going, like there would be driving. But either way, if any of y'all wanna go we could split hotel room costs. If it is just me I will take spellwight up on her generous offer of crashing at her place before she has a chance to think twice about it. (DON'T tell her I snore!) ;) But I won't even think about imposing if I'm more than just me.

So yeah, definitely going. Don't know how I'm getting there. \0/
Me & Oscar

a little more actual content

Oh, I got an email about this from Eventful.

You put in a demand to get this movie, CA$H, to your city, and the top 5 cities get a free showing. I'm always up for a free movie! But the main reason you all should demand it is because I am greedy! You see, the in top 5 cities, in addition to getting the free screening, one person in each city will win $2500! I like money, and I really like free money. So you guys should go demand it too and maybe you'll win money and maybe I'll win money, and either way, it's minimal effort!

And hey, as long as you're at Eventful anyway, how about throwing some love toward Paul & Storm's W00tstock demand?

Demand w00tstock in Minneapolis!
w00tstock in Minneapolis - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

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