February 25th, 2010

James & Moose

Leaving On A Jet Plane!

Woo hoo!

I've got my ticket down to Arizona for the Phoenix ComiCon purchased! Yay!

I haven't picked up my return ticket yet, because I'm not sure when I'll be headed back, although I am leaning towards a really long Phoenix - Atlanta - Minneapolis over night flight on Sun-Mon because it's the cheapest ticket and I'll have all day Monday to sleep or recover anyway.

But the important thing is that I've got the ticket there!

I'll be arriving in Phoenix at 12:46 PM on Thursday, May 27th.

Ooh, depending on if I plan anything for Thurs, maybe I can go to the Zoo!

That's about the extent of my plans so far. It looks like James Marsters will be doing a Saturday night concert, so that is definitely on my to do list! And it sounds like Wil Wheaton is planning to do RockBand again. I just hope that doesn't conflict with James.

It would be nice to have the convenience of staying at the Hyatt, but that's probably more than I want to spend. I'd have to try to find roomates, which would mean posting on the message board.
The room costs are:
$119 for single / 1 = $119 per night
$119 for double / 1 = $59.50 per night
$144 for triple / 1 = $48 per night
$169 for quad / 1 = $42.25 per night
I don't remember any hotel I've ever stayed at charging $50 more for 2 extra people! That's only reasonable if you get a larger room when you have 4.

So I definitely wouldn't be staying there by myself! I've got 3 months to figure that out though. LOL. I still think the best plan would be for me to just stay in James' room...

Hey genevra, does your f-i-l have any connections at the Hyatt Regency downtown Phoenix? *grin*

Yeah, that'll be an unbiased poll.

I got another email from the american family association (afa). It's a poll on whether or not open and practicing homosexuals, bisexual and transgenders should be allowed to serve in the military.

Gosh, a poll hosted on their website isn't going to be biased, is it?

Gays in the military? Take our Poll

Click here to get to the poll to take it if you want to. Of course, unless you put in a fake email address you'll start receiving emails about things like this too.

And the results when I voted? yeah, slightly biased seeing as they are soliciting votes from the bigoted people that they know will say no.

Gays in the Military

I just can't even imagine living with that much hatred for another group of people. It's just really freaking sad.
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Oh hey, I've got a blog over here!

*Cross-posted from my Frozen Sharon blog*

My poor neglected travel blog. I haven't posted anything here since the end of October. I shall blame the holidays. Yeah, that's it! (Can I blame the holiday season if it's been 4 months since posting?)

Well, I haven't traveled anywhere yet, and I haven't really entered any contests.
I'm still obsessed with Antarctica though! On Twitter, I have been following Andrew Evans. His Twitter ID is Bus2Antarctica and here is his bio: Andrew Evans is traveling 10,000 miles, from DC to Antarctica, by bus for National Geographic Traveler.

Awesome, huh? He's been Tweeting stuff from the trip, and uploading pictures from Twitter. This trip is his first time in Antarctica.

I've been loving following his adventure, but the pictures he put up today just blew me away. It's a BLACK penguin! The following pictures & the captions underneath are by Andrew Evans.

It looks like Andrew removed the pictures from his ow.ly account. I'm guessing it was to protect his copyright, or because NatGeo wanted him to so they can be published later in NatGeo Traveler, since he was working for them on the trip. I did save copies of them, but until they are back online I won't put them here.

Isn't that just the most amazing thing? And to see it your very first time to Antarctica.

Also, the dude who won the Quark Expeditions contest is now on his trip and the blog posts are being uploaded. I'm gonna read them later today, and probably link to or cross post them for y'all to see too. Lucky SOB.