April 14th, 2010

Robot Sign

Looking for my foreign LJ peeps!

My cousin put out a call for help for one of my local schools:

They are trying to get postcards from as many of the 50 states and countries around the world as they can. If you could send a post card I know they would be thrilled!

Here is the address:
Students of Robbinsdale M.S.
3730 Toledo Ave N.
Robbinsdale MN 55422

I'm trying to think of all the countries y'all are in.
felisblanco or msdillydally, it would be really awesome if one of you could send them an Iceland one.
dakegra, got a spare England postcard lying around?
dragonsally, I think you're the only Australian I've got wandering around in here. Note to self, acquire more Australians & Brits, cuz their accents are awesome!
30toseoul, I'd totally be hitting you up for one if your Post Office wasn't going to be closed for another 6 months! I love all my LJ peeps, but you definitely have the coolest address (no pun intended)

They're also looking for different states too, so really, any of you minions can feel free to send one. Except you chebutykin. The qualification is that they are from outside of Robbinsdale!