May 1st, 2010

Vampire Moose

Kick ass customer service

Over 4 years ago, in January 2006, I treated myself to a laptop bag. I hadn't actually gotten to see one or hold one before ordering it, but the reviews I saw on the bags from this Seattle company, Tom Bihn, were overwhelmingly positive. I already had a "Brain Cell" laptop sleeve from them to protect my laptop. Now I wanted a bag that would hold my Brain Cell.

I settled on their "ID Messenger Bag", and picked my colors. I believe the bag was $140 when I bought it, which seemed like a lot. It has been worth every penny. After over 4 years of almost daily use, there is virtually no wear showing. Most bags would wear out after a year or two, but this one lasted. Definitely makes it worth the extra money.

Then, a month or so ago, I picked it up and part of the stitching attaching the shoulder strap came loose. On a whim I checked their website and found that they do repairs. No charge if it was a manufacturing defect, otherwise let them know what and they'll get you an estimate. After how long I had been using it, it absolutely did not fall into the manufacturing defect category!

One of the beautiful things about Tom Bihn Bags is that they are all handmade at their factory in Seattle, so if it was sent in for repair, it would be fixed right where it was originally made.

I sent my request for an estimate, and was very pleasantly surprised when I got an email back telling me they'd cover the cost of the repair. Wow! I was completely expecting to pay $25-50. A free repair on a 4+ year old bag? Now that's customer service!

I wanted a couple accessories (an organizer pouch, luggage tags, etc.) so I put an order for those in with the bag when I sent it in. I also put an Official Stunt Double Moose in the bag's Moose pocket along w/a point & shoot camera, since real Moose isn't allowed to travel unsupervised. Less than a week after the bag was received by Tom Bihn, it was repaired and back home! OSD Moose got to visit Tom Bihn's retail store, and got pictures. And the accessories I wanted? The ones I gave them my credit card number for? The note that came back with the bag & Moose said that they were included at no charge!

Now tell me, with service like that, who wouldn't recommend this company to everyone they know? Yeah, Tom Bihn gets my recommendation just based on the incredible quality of their bags, but their awesome customer service just reinforces it!

My ID with Moose in it:
Tom Bihn & Moose

Stunt Double sitting atop a mountain of Brain Cells:
At the Tom Bihn store in Seattle

The biggest problem with Tom Bihn bags is that they don't wear out, so you can't talk your husband into letting you get another one!