November 2nd, 2010


"3:00? I'll be drunk by then."

Just had one of my oddest customers ever.
He was tall and had long hair & a beard & mustache. It was one of those icky mustaches that hangs down over the lip. Bleah. And he had that stale smell of a person who smokes and drinks a lot. Kind of like the way my mom smells, but even more so.
He had a disposable camera. When I asked if he wanted prints, scans or just developing he just stood there and looked at me. Then he shook his head. "Whoa, whoa. You just blew my mind with all that. I just want pictures."
OK, just basic prints then. I ask if he likes matte paper or glossy while showing him the samples of both. He looks at them & says "I don't know. I just want pictures."
Alright, no more questions. I'll just print them on whichever paper is in and we'll be good.
Then I needed his name and phone number for the bag. I swear, he had to think about what his name was!! No phone number. His phone was dead and he didn't have a charger. OK then. Then dude asked what time they'd be ready. We're not a 1 hour lab but I decided to quote about 3 hours rather than the standard next day because I wasn't sure he'd even remember the next day.
"I can have them ready for you at 3:00, sir."
His response? "3:00? I'll be drunk by then." I think that was a little optimistic on his part because I'm pretty sure he was already most of the way there!
Well, I've got almost nothing to do anyway so I tell him I'll have them in an hour. He wants to pay now because he isn't sure he'll have the money in an hour. 0.o. That whole drunk by three thing, i guess.
We don't ring up rolls of film before processing because the price is based on how many prints you do, but he insisted he needed to pay now so I rang it in for the full number of possible prints.
Then he left.
Or tried to.
I looked up and saw him standing in front of the double doors of our entrance waving to try to get the sensor to open the automatic doors. Too bad we don't have automatic doors...
LOL. It just amazes me that people can function in life like that.


Alright, by popular demand, an update.

Yes, he did indeed remember to come back for the pictures. He was there an hour later almost to the minute.
As for what the pictures were, it was just a group of about 5 or 6 people hanging out at a dive bar. He wasn't even in any of them. I really was afraid of what I was going to see in them!