June 7th, 2011



No matter how much of a slacker I've been at posting, I don't think I've EVER gone over a month between posts before. I do not like this. I'm also super behind on reading. I'm not sure I'll ever get caught up, but I'm going to give it the ol' college try.

We've had some awesome fun times since last I updated.

We saw Kyle Kinane at Acme, and Chris Hardwick at the Varsity. We got to have a burrito & chat with Chris before the show & got hugs from him after. I just love that adorable Nerd!

We also drove down to Florida for a week & then drove back, and even with that much time trapped in a minivan, no one killed anyone!

I got to see another Space Shuttle launch! Endeavour was delayed and ended up launching our first day in Florida. Wasn't that nice of her to wait until we were there? Shuttle launch from 15 miles away is still cool, even if it's not as cool as 3.5 miles away.

I've taken my Rex puppy on a couple awesome walks in local parks and down by the river near St. Anthony. I looooooove getting in a nice long walk when it's not too hot out.

Speaking of Rex, Lump is starting to tolerate him! And it only took 9 months. She used to hiss anytime she saw him no matter how far away he was and how many barriers were between them. Now, she actually comes out to the living room when he's out and she will only hiss at him when he's gotten too close and she's also whapping him on the nose with her completely ineffectual clawless paws. As for him, he's gotten MUCH better at listening when he sees her and wants to run over to play with her.