June 8th, 2011


Look! Less than a month!

I saw Super 8 tonight. It was pretty darn good.

It's cooled down to a beautiful 80º outside. At one point this afternoon the official temp here in Minneapolis hit 103º. We've gotten temps that high before, but not often.
The last time it hit 103º here in the Twin Cities was July 31, 1988.
The hottest temp ever recorded in the Cities was 108º way back in 1936.
July 31, 2006 was the last time we hit triple digits here in the Twin Cities.
Temps of 103º have only been reached 18 times previously.

So yeah, it was kind of warm today...
Me & Oscar

Super 8

I'm totally stealing my darling hellbob's short Super 8 review:

Super 8 = (Explorers + Stand By Me + ET + Goonies)/(80% more Lens flare X a tsp of the Cloverfield monster) = 1 Really good time!