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It's Super Multi-tasky Girl!

Since I don't have any homework to do (!) I've been busy doing an average of 3 things at once on the computer.
-I scanned a fair chunk of my black & white prints from class
-I've imported almost two dozen of hellbob's CDs into my iTunes
-I've browsed most of the "new" section of Audible.com (this is more time consuming than you would think because they have the slowest damn website EVER!)
-I cleaned out a bunch of email on my yahoo account including doing a lot of "unsubscribe" (but only from real companies so as not to multiply the spammage)
-Found the scientific names that I didn't know for the zoo pics & uploaded the b & w prints I scanned
And now I think it's time to do just one task: sleep!
Cuz I have to work tomorrow. Ugh. Not that the last two days have been just lay about type vacation days because they were all about the schoolwork, but they weren't get up and go to work kinda days. *sigh*

Oh, and if ya wanna go see any of the B&W pics, just click on the one below:


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