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minervacat's Thursday Top Five today was Your Top 5 Favorite Songs Right Now (Take 6).
Y'all should all sneak on over, take a look at what other people like, and put your 2 cents worth in. (Or 2 pesos worth, since it is Cinco de Mayo today...)
These are the ones I came up with:

"Ok. My 5 favorites right now (subject to change tomorrow, of course!)

In no particular order:
Vampire Love by Ash
"Victorian repression, I fantastise
Chromium lips and metallic eyes
The reverse cowgirl death defies
Virginal sinners tell sadisitic lies"
I found this one on iTunes after seeing Shaun of the Dead and looking for the band that did the final credits.

Knickers by The Young Dubliners
"Never knew a girl
who wouldn't drop her knickers
for the right boy
with the right toys."

Valerie by Ghost of the Robot
Found it Here. James' voice is just dead sexy!

Sweet Carolina Rain by Kane
Found it Here

Boys, The Night Will Bury You by Richard Buckner
You've heard Richard Buckner whether you know it or not. His song Ariel Ramierez was in a Volkswagon commercial, but I discovered him first when his music was in the movie Sinkhole

And anything by Uncle Kracker, Big & Rich, Kid Rock, Mason Jennings & Gretchen Wilson."

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