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genevra, don't say I never did nothin' for ya

Spikefest 2005 is currently on the calendar for Saturday, May 21st. I picked this day because hellbob will be off playing geek boy with the boys. As soon as I announced it genevra (who, I might add, has known the date of the geeking longer than me) said that was when she was planning on doing a geek widows get together (that I had heard nothing about yet at that point). Then the Killers concert that was originally scheduled for May 6th was changed to the 21st causing us to lose Jeanine who is taking my husband to the concert (and now he will also have to miss some of his geeking time).
I'm doing a poll of which other days might possibly work for people. If we don't get a consensus it will stay on the 21st & genevra can either pout or can have geek widows without me since I don't think any of the other widows were planning on coming to Spikefest anyway. If we can find another day that still works for everyone we'll switch it.

And with that, on to the poll...
Poll #488699 Spikefest 2005

Do any of these days work for you?

Friday, May 13th
Friday, May 20th
Friday, June 3rd
Saturday, June 4th
Friday, June 10th
Saturday, June 11th (starting early evening because the twins' birthday is earlier that day
Friday, June 17th
Friday, June 24th
Saturday, June 25th

Check any and all that work for you.


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