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I was checking Tivo to see what was on for me to watch and Cool Money isn't there! I swear I flagged it as "don't delete" and we hadn't run out of room on the thing even once since getting it and the only things that scrolled off were too many episodes of the same show and in the recording history which tells why & when something was deleted it's not even listed. But my pretty pretty James isn't on there any more!
I just don't understand why. Things aren't supposed to just disappear off Tivo!

This means that we can't watch it at Spikefest 2005 unless I find another copy somewhere. So if you know anyone who taped it, help! And I'll be trying to hunt it down.

In other news, Spikefest 2005 will remain on May 21st. genevra decided against a geek widows gathering. If I can't get my paws on a copy of Cool Money I still have any & all Buffy & Angel episodes anyone wants to watch.

*sigh* stoopid tecknologee. :(

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