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"I'm looking for something in an attack dog, one who likes the sweet, gamey tang of human flesh."

Ugh. Woke up about an hour ago. Can't get back to sleep. That's what I get for going to bed at a reasonable hour.

I'm sure part of it is the pain. I was attacked by Lump. She may only have 3 of her 4 big canines but I now know for a fact that they work.
She was at the vet tonight for just a routine check up & vaccinations. She wasn't too happy when her temperature was taken, but can you blame her? And when the vet was checking her ears, eyes, teeth, etc she voiced her continued disapproval.
Then, when the doc & I were just talking & I was petting her she suddenly just freaked out & turned into a hissing biting ball of fury. She put two nice deep punctures in my hand, one at the base of my thumb in the nice meaty part of my hand, and the other on the back of my hand also at the base of my thumb. It has gotten progressively achy and has swollen up since I went to bed. On the plus side, it is not hot and red...yet. I'm gonna go to a doctor to get preventative antibiotics tomorrow, but I'm not really worried about it.

Of course, now that Lump has gotten a taste for human flesh I'm gonna have to sleep with one eye open.

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