HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Weekend in Review


I picked hellbob up downtown when he was done working and we headed over to the Foley's house to watch the last episode of Farscape. OMFG! SciFi channel sucks! First the bastards decide not to do a fifth season of one of the best sci fi shows ever, then they leave the last ep with an impossible cliffhanger and a "too be continued" tag! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! A quality show like this, and they take if off the air to replace it with Tremors! FrellFrellFrellFrell!!!!!! Then we just hung out watching movies for the rest of the night. But I got to spend some quality time with my puppy, Luna. She looks so much like Charlie, The Best Dog, EVER (tm), the dog my family had when I was a kid.


Slept in til about noon, cuz we were out so late on Friday. Then, since the cleaning fairies hadn't shown up while we were sleeping, HB & I had to clean the house. Then, chebutykin and I headed to the store for provisions. Mel's birthday party started at 7 pm and the house was full of people from then until at least 2:30 am when I went to bed.

I know I will forget some people, but here's a partial list of all who showed up: hellziggy,hellbob & chebutykin (cuz we all live here) cajones, barda, davidkingsley, jmanna, lucyruthe & LHGB, michaellee, moneygod petsnakereggie, silmarian, windelina & Monte, Mark, Tom & Lisa, Guy & Wendy, Don & his wife (who's name I just can't remember) & several of his Suncoast minions, and many people who's names I never did catch.

We had brains, meathead, evil chocolate bars, cthulhu peeps, little weinies, and much yummy italian food. I had also purchased a chocolate free/Cheb friendly cake which I persuaded cajones to zombify.

The entertainment for the evening consisted of the ultra disturbing <i>Happy Tree Friends</i>, Hellhouse staple Rejected, scary Texas Pentacostals in HellHouse, and hellbob setting the driveway on fire (or as he put it "the driveway's not on fire, the gasoline on the driveway is on fire"). Nothing major burned & people wandered out to the firepit randomly for the rest of the night.

There were lots of people that I never really got a chance to chat with, but a good time was had by all.

silmarian showed up without wiredferret because she was home with a cranky baby, but since he was there I could bestow upon him the fuzzy dinosaur blanky I made for Baz. The fabric screamed at me to buy it when I was at Mill End, it was so darn cute!

Since the theme of the party was Romans & Zombies, everyone with a Feb, Mar, Apr birthday got a Roman laurel headpiece, so I made sure that my little April Fool kitten, Lump, got hers.

Monte & I got to spend a fair amount of time geeking out about cameras. My Canon G3 is still a fairly new toy for me, but I'm really not sure how I used to survive without it.

I'm sure there were other important things that I am forgetting, but if I knew what, I wouldn't be forgetting it, now would I?

Slept til about 11, and found a living room with peple watching Zombie movies. Guy & Wendy had planned to spend the night, cuz they live about 1000 miles away, and Cheb had an evil plan to cook breakfast. I am very impressed. She did much cooking in two days, and there were no fires! She was starting on the bacon & pancakes at about noon, and I had to take off at 12:30 for my class & to drop HB off at Nels' to get his bike out of winter storage, so I took a plate of pancakes to go. They were yummy. Turned out I could have eaten it at home, cuz class started an hour late cuz C. was stuck in traffic caused by a marathon in St Paul somewhere.
Sunday night was the Oscars, which I was pretty apathetic about this year. I hadn't seen most of the movies, and with the war & all all the Red Carpet & such was toned way down. On the plus side, I didn't even see Joan Rivers! Steve Martin's hosting wasn't bad, it wasn't great, it just was. Not a lot of great moments. Not enough Ben Affleck sightings, too much J. Ho, Halle Berry looked fabulous, Catherine Zeta-Jones looked very pregnant, Michael Moore was very outspoken, Chicago won a lot. Eh. Just wasn't getting into it. ChubbChubbs won animated short!! Mickey Mouse was a presenter!

And that's the weekend that was.

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