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"On the moon, the weekend has advanced beyond your wildest dreams. Weekends now take up the entire week, and jobs have been phased out accordingly."

It was a really long weekend because I was busy for most of it.
I started rewatching all the Firefly episodes when I got home on Friday in preparation for the showing on Thursday. (Picked up my tickets today! Yay!)
Friday night was the midnight showing of Star Wars with chebutykin & 100 or so of her closest friends. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. It didn't suck as much as the previous two. There were issues with it, but I'm not even gonna bother going into those because pretty much everyone else on the planet already has and I'm just not a big enough Star Wars fan to care.
I'm also not even going to attempt to name who all I saw because I will forget people. I was successful, however, in my quest to remember to bring Duran Duran photo CDs for 7thstranger, cleo, and mattmn which I gave to 7th since she's more likely to see the other two before CONvergence than I am!
With the movie starting after midnight it was incredibly late when we got home. I didn't get nearly enough sleep because I had somehow gotten suckered into going to swim class with genevra and the twins. At 9:00. Lemme tell you, that alarm went off waaaaaaay too early. The kids are so cute in their little swim suits. Unfortunately the Y's pool is just a bit chilly. Poor little Beth doesn't have much body fat and she gets pretty cold by the end. Heck, I was pretty chilly by the time I got home. I curled up on the couch to watch tv as hellbob headed on over to mhuot's for his weekend of geek-boy goodness. I ended up napping until genevra called me to say that lucky13charm had gotten to her house & where was I? So I woke my lazy butt on up and headed over to genevra's for a day of Firefly watching, twin cuddling, Trivial Pursuiting, and a home-cooked meal of chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy.
Mmmmm. Gravy.
Sunday morning was my nephew Xander's baptism, followed by lunch at the Olive Garden. It was my brother, his wife, her parents, her grandparents, her brother, genevra, me, my parents, my cousin John & his wife & their daughter, and my Aunt Margie. John & Janet are the baby's godparents and Sierra is his godsister (she got to be up front and everything.) My Aunt was there because she's the one who did the actual baptizing. Aunt Margie is a Lutheran minister. She wants me to come over in July to "teach her Photoshop and digital photos." Could be fun, or it could be a nightmare. At least she knows real photography so we won't be starting with nothing. She was the original owner of the enlarger down in my darkroom.
I also scored 5 bottles of dad's homemade wine. Who needs liquor stores when you can have the wine maker deliver to you?
I got home and watched a little more Firefly with hellbob, and then we headed on out to the Minnesota RollerGirls final bout of the season. We cheered on the Atomic Bombshells & our friend Krystal, aka Sayonara Pussy:

but they were just barely defeated.
Unfortunately I was stupid and when I had just a little bit of a headache before going I didn't take any Advil and so after spending several hours in a very crowded, very hot, very loud room the little bit of a headache had turned into The Headache From Hell. So I took a handful of Advil and grabbed a teddy bear and curled up in bed to die.
I didn't die. I woke up and went to work. It was a pretty average day at work except for at about 3:30. genevra had emailed me to let me know that we had switched driver's licenses at the Y, so I told her to stop by work with the twins to trade back. Of course, everyone there thought I had the cutest babies ever!

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