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It's hard work being crazy...

I've got tomorrow off because it was the easiest way to deal with having an 11:30 doctor's appointment. I'm going to the Loring Family Clinic to get reevaluated for my ADD. I haven't had any tests done since 1997 and I know there have been advances in the testing and treatment since then. Also, this will give me a more current evaluation to put in my HR file at work since my mentioning the ADA in the meeting with the HR person and my supervisor seemed to make them realize that they do have to take me & my ADD seriously.
Tomorrow's appointment is just my initial consultation, then I have two days with 5 hours of tests each. Between how scarce the available vacation days at work are and how quickly the clinics available slots fill up, it will be a while before I'm done. After tomorrow's appointment it will be about a month before my first test date, and then another month before the next one. Then I have to wait another full month after that one to get the results of all the tests.
I just finished the "fill this out before you come in" packet and was it ever long! Kind of a pain too, because I know he's gonna ask me all those things and it's easier to explain them than write them.
But, even though I'm not working tomorrow, I probably should go to bed anyway.

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