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"Look, isn't there any way you can just stamp me as not crazy and let me get outta here."

Well, my one hour appointment at the ADD clinic today turned out to be a two hour appointment. That wouldn't have been a big deal at all except that I was going to be getting the Saturn's oil changed right after. Had to reschedule that for tomorrow.
The appointment went pretty well. It was your basic first appointment find out everything about me kind of thing. When we were all done the doc said that I should be a story in one of the ADD books because of how well I've learned to cope, what with the back in school getting a 4.0 thing & the tracking which stuff I can do best at work thing, and the ability to listen to books while working thing.
And, happy happy joy joy, I've got another whole thick packet of forms to fill out. This one has a bunch for other people too. One for Rick, and one for mom, and one for dad, and one for me to have someone I trust at work fill out. lucky13charm, who do you suppose would be best for that one?

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