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Roman Zombie party pics!

chebutykin cooking for the party, and not starting the kitchen on fire!

The cake I bought and persuaded cajones to draw a zombie on.

Everyone who had a birthday in Feb, Mar or Apr got a Roman laurel to wear. Lump's birthday is April 1 so she got one too.

magicmarmot brought brains!

Lots of creepy, evil food, including MeatHead!

cajones looking zombyish, and a monster decked guy who's name I don't remember.

Wendy aka Ginger in her toga.

CthulhuPeeps! Pure sugary evil!

A slightly drunk Tom in a toga.

Everybody do the Rejected dance! Yea! My anus is bleeding!

Cheb decides it's time to cut her Zombi cake.

Cheb opening her loot.

Mark, hellbob, Lisa, and someone who's name I never got hanging out around the fire.


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