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Now is the time when I babble muchly about Serenity!

OK, first some non-spoilery type stuff.

As I said in last night's post, Ron Glass was here in Minnesota!!! I met him & got his autograph & sat 5 seats from him! Would have only been two but I was in the middle of our group.

What I have gleamed from whedonesque is that:

Sacramento got Nathan Fillion!
Washington DC got Morena Baccarin (and her mother, Brazilian film actress Vera Setta, was with her)
Chicago got Summer Glau
Denver got Jewel Staite
Portland had Executive Producer Chris Buchanan. Alan Tudyk was going to be there, but had to be in NYC for Spamalot.

It appears that Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, and Sean Maher didn't attend any of these screenings. Disappointing, but...
We met Ron Glass!!

hellbob got to the theater around 7:00 and he was first in line! It was only a line of about 10-15 people when I joined him at 7:30ish. As the line got longer people would ask Rick what time he got there and it got earlier & earlier each time he said it:
"I've been here since 6pm"
"I got here at 5"
"I've been in line since 3:30"
"The line started at noon"

It's a good thing we got to go in when we did or it would have been "I got in line when they cancelled the show"

Those of you who want to see Serenity but haven't yet, make sure that no power in the 'verse spoils you for this movie. You don't want to know anything before it happens. Joss's writing is brilliant. He can make you laugh and while you are still laughing, make you want to cry, and then as you are still wiping the tears, make you laugh again.
This is why I actually created a separate filter for any spoiler posts I make, and I'm going to put them under cuts in addition. Because I went in having watched all the DVD episodes and knowing nothing about the movie. I only watched the trailer once so I didn't even remember what was in it going into last night's show (there are positive things about my faulty ADD memory wiring!). The only thing I remembered from the trailer was that I hadn't seen Shepherd Book and I'd heard a rumor waaaaaay back when movie talk first started that they hadn't gotten him to come back, so I was very pleasantly surprised when he walked into the theater, and when I saw his name in the opening credits!

Those of you who don't want to see Serenity, what are you doing here? You are no longer welcome here! hee hee. Just kidding. I WILL convert you!

I felt watching the movie that Joss did a good job introducing you to the characters if you had never met them, and showed you new things about them if you had. There weren't really any points I can think of that I thought "I'd have no clue what was going on if I hadn't seen the show" but if you have seen the show there were lots of wonderful details that just made you feel all happy. I really don't think this is spoilery because it's not a plot point, but those details I'm talking about are things like Wash's dinosaurs are still on the bridge. If you haven't seen the show they look like quirky decorations like a person's fuzzy dice in their car or their assorted doo-dads in the work cubicle. But, if you have seen the show, the first thing you think of in that first bridge scene where you see them is Wash playing with them in his down time. Those are the things that make Joss our God!

This movie to me is exactly what all the Star Wars fans wanted Phantom Menace to be.

Dammit! I need to make me a Firefly/Serenity icon!! or two... Yes, I know I can find a TON of them on the browncoat site, but I'm always just so proud of the ones I make myself even when they aren't as good as some others. And darn it, I have a full legal registered copy of the entire Adobe Creative Suite. It deserves to be used!

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