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Yeah, another Serenity post. Duh! Were you expecting anything else?

Again, a non spoiler one, even though I went to the trouble of making myself the Serenity spoiler filter!

I'm kind of afraid that this movie will get pirated out to the 'net with all these preview screenings going on, but at the same time the comments I've seen in the Serenity community at large imply that the Cult of Whedon is so devoted that we won't let it happen. I know that if I saw someone who had figured out a way to tape it I would turn them in. This movie is a labor of love and Joss and crew deserve every penny they get of every ticket!

For the most part security seemed very low key, especially compared to the preview of Mr & Mrs Smith that I saw at the same theater on Tuesday. At that one they checked every cell phone for a camera & made you take them out to your car.

But there was one incident with one security guard that royally ticked me off.

One of the security guys came in with two people helping them look for seats. This was at 9:30. There were two seats in the row where mle292, squeaky, LHGB, etc were sitting. The seats had been taken by friends of theirs (2 people I don't know) EvilSecurityGuard (referred to hereafter as ESG) told mle292 that they weren't allowed to save seats. He refused to listen when they said they weren't saving them, the people who were sitting there were out in the lobby buying popcorn, and the coats on the seats belonged to those people. When LHGB tried explaining to the frelling ESG that those people were here and were out spending money at concessions he was told to butt out or he would lose his money because he would be asked to leave. The couple came back with their pop & popcorn to find that their seats were gone, their friends apologising that they couldn't stop it, and the ESG refusing to do anything about it. That couple who had been in line since 7:30 ended up sitting in crappy seats apart from each other. The ESG didn't help anyone else who sauntered in at 9:30 find a seat. I don't know who those two people were (I knew or recognised a good 25% of the audience) but I hope they really felt like crap. If it had been me, I wouldn't have been willing to stay in those seats. I would have apologized to mle292 & crew & slunk off to the crappy seats the others were relegated to. Grrr. Argh.

Other than that one incident that had our entire section pissed off the entire evening was one glorious Big Damn Movie! I really want to see it again.

Right as it ended hellbob yelled "Play it again!" But they didn't.

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