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I love long weekends!

I mostly didn't do anything!

I redid the wall in the living room with all the photos. It seemed a shame to have all those pictures from my photo class that were dry-mounted & ready for 11x14 frames go to waste. So now there is a mixture of big frames & small frames & B&W & Color. The next goal is to deal with the crookedness of some of the frames. The 8x10s just don't hang well. The balance is off. But, they were only $2 each while not looking like $2 frames! So I just need to tape pennies on the back as weights to balance them.

Yesterday was the graduation party for one of Rick's cousin's kids. I'm not sure which thing Rick found more disturbing: that Benjamin had a Kid Rock quote in the newspaper thing that had all the graduates, or that I recognised it as a Kid Rock quote before I got to the point where it was attributed. :)

I just cleaned up a bunch of miscelaneous stuff on my hard drive. Reorganized folders, etc. Now the desktop itself is back down to a nice manageable 5 items, and I've got folder organization going on in the documents folder. Neat concept, huh?

The best thing about having Monday off? After going through a Monday at work, you finish your day & it's already Wednesday tomorrow!!

Still keep thinking about Serenity & REALLY wanna see it again. Also need to make a Wash icon. I'm tempted to knit a Jayne hat, but I'd have to go raid my mom's yarn collection first because orange is my least favorite color evah so I refuse to buy orange yarn.

It's June tomorrow!?! WTF? That's like summer! We haven't had nice spring weather yet! It's all been rain, rain, rain. It also means we have 11 days to finish getting the basement ready for frozendragon. But that's mostly construction stuff which is hellbob's department. Although I want to go rent a steam cleaner to give the carpets a once over just cuz. That way when frozendragon fetches her cats they won't smell ksracxe's cat who used to live there. (Cat's don't seem to like the smell of each other...)

So how was your long weekend?

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