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"I like money better than people. People can so rarely be exchanged for goods and/or services."

Back home from up north.

I spent the car ride up north proofreading chebutykin's lettering on Dr. Blink, Superhero Shrink #2. Maybe if hellbob asks really nicely I'll let him look at it. Or maybe he'll just have to wait until it's actually published & we buy our copy.

We took off yesterday morning for Cherry, Minnesota. You haven't heard of it either?
It's a tiny little town near Hibbing & Chisholm. It's also where our friend's daughter just graduated from high school so we went up for her open house. I can't believe the little seven year old flower girl from our wedding is a high school graduate with tattoos & piercings!

We also got to see Rick's Grandma while we were up north.

And puppies. I got to see me lots o' puppies. Well, OK, two. One was at the house where Grandma lives. An adorable little golden retriever pup named Leah. And the other was at the grad party. A black & white Cocker Spaniel/dachsund cross named Halle.

After the party we went over to kaldeth's brothers house to hang out with his brother's wife. hellbob, of course, got to spend time removing all the spyware from her computer. But, all the work he's been doing on their computers has D. feeling like he owes us, so if we get around to planning a trip to Chicago he'll get us on to the Amtrak to travel for free. We just need to hatch some Chicago vacation plans now. :)

And now I am home & watching Buffy Season 1 DVDs. Compared to the last episodes the effects are so cheesy. And they don't know that Angel is a vamp yet & Willow is so shy & innocent & adorable.

Oh, and Saturn totally rocks! Our $800 car repair? Turns out that part of it would have been covered by warranty because we've got another 2000 and change miles left on our extended warranty. I had gone into Saturn asking about it & they took a copy of the bill & I wasn't expecting anything, but we got a check in the mail! Yay! Only $140 of the repairs, but some money is always better than no money.
Also, we got the claims form for hellbob to get a new battery in his iPod.
And the latest issue of MacAddict. I wasn't planning on upgrading to Tiger, but all these Widgets for it look cool.

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