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Remember when there were no computers? Yeah, me neither.

We've got computer issues at work again today. Same as yesterday where the network connection is non-existant on some machines. Like mine. Ugh.
*edit* because I am in a cube where I can get away with more internets, I'll be updating my good/bad list. New additions are in italics.

*Son of edit* I am back at my own desk now. No more running amuck (did I spell that right?) on the internets. :(

The good:
-System problems mean more leeway in production times
-I am currently working in a cubicle by myself (my normal work station is in a kind of squiggly line formation with no side walls)
-I have my iPod. How did people ever work without 3500 songs at their fingertips?
-I have caffeine
-I have Ritalin
-Our house has electricity (unlike 100,000 other homes in the Twin Cities metro area)
-Today is the day I leave at 4:00 instead of 4:30 (because of school & it was easiest to just leave it as it is rather than changing back for the summer)
-This computer is just a spare one so I can adjust some of the settings to make it bearable. (The menu bar/task bar belongs at the top, dammit!)
-I have a Permanent Account.
-I am in a cube! This means no one can walk up behind me & see that I'm on the internets!
-I'm pretty much unsupervised! Yay!
-I have established email contact with lucky13charm! I really don't know how they expected me to work without that contact. She understands the work issues & teh Marsters lust. :)

The bad:
-I'm not in my usual workstation where everything is adjusted the way I want it.
-The computer they put me at is an old school CRT rather than the sexy flat panel I've gotten so used to.
-I have no work emails.
-The people I can hear talking are not the people I usually hear so it is harder for me to tune them out
-I'm at work (duh. that's a no-brainer)
-It's kind of chilly down here.
The unsupervisedness of me is leading to internets abuse...

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