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The icon meme

chebutykin, windelina & eldogo have all done this meme already. You make a post using your default meme explaining what/who/why it is & then you make comments in your own post using your other icons doing the same thing for them. I have too many to do the comment thing so I'm just gonna do one long LJ cut entry.

First up, my default. This one is called MooseBeach because it is my stuffed moose on the beach. The picture it was cropped from has the name Moose written in the sand. I've had the moose since 1996 & he's travelled with me on all my vacations. The beach one is from my first trip to California and it was taken the very first time I ever saw an ocean!

On a road trip to Arizona hellbob & I saw Highway 666 and I just had to get a picture. Going south, of course. This highway has since been renamed/renumbered.

One of the first icons I made that wasn't just resizing an image. This one is for my Ben Affleck obsession as well as my obsession with all things Kevin Smith

The traveling Moose sitting on the head of the bear at the Omegacon hotel

The word "hellziggy" translated into binary. I originally made it about a year ago when posting about my friend John's death, and life. He could read binary. Geek. *sigh*

My favorite expression when hellbob says something I don't like. It was inspired by lexinatrix's Winston Churchill giving the finger icon. The original screenshot had two fingers held up, but I have Photoshop... The bite me is just handwritten by me, shortly after getting my Wacom tablet.

Sinfest is an online comic that I read through an LJ syndicated feed. It's funny. Go read it. This pic was just B&W, but I added the color.

My cat Gabriel curled up next to Chiana, my 15" PowerBook. "these are just a few of my favorite things..."

A picture of the character Chiana in Farscape. I played with the colors of the original.

I love the zoo & taking animal pictures. This is definitely a winter animal & since I live in Minnesota I needed a winter icon.

Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey was going to be in town as the halftime entertainment at a rodeo. This amused us a lot so I made an icon of him.

Daniel is the reincarnation of Dream in the Sandman comics. Also, Michael Zulli's art rocks!!

When watching the Buffy episode these screenshots are from I just knew I had to do some kind of icon with Spike's hot sexy nakedness, and I didn't have a drinking icon yet...

Eeyore is one of my all time favorite characters. Also, I like to read. So I usually use this icon if I'm doing a post about a book or books.

I found this image on the net. I don't remember where.

This was the first animated icon I made. It was shortly before the Farscape mini series aired. I rarely use it now because I need to change the text.

If I didn't have Moose as my default it would probably be this one. It is cropped from one of my favorite photos that I've taken. I also used this one whenever I had a photography post before I made a photo icon.

I went on an icon making streak after seeing the movie Serenity and this one is just the lyrics to the show's theme song. It was also a chance for me to have fun using some of the photoshop brushes from 100x100_brushes which I had just discovered.

This is me & hellbob's cranky old man cat. Gabriel will be 14 years old this fall. He's half siamese and half tabby. I used to use this yawning picture for when I was tired but then I got a cuter picture of Lump yawning.

I had to give Gabriel a bath one day & since Lump was being a bitch & hissed at him I figured I should make her go through the same thing. And then, like any good mother, I captured their humiliation with the camera. I just loved this picture because it's such a "I'm going to kill you in your sleep" look on her face. The Grr, Argh on it comes from the Mutant Enemy logo at the end of Buffy/Angel/Firefly.

Adrian Paul is hot, even if the TV show doesn't fit in with the original movie.

This is one of my early vampire icons, from when the obsession was just starting.

I get all my new from the Daily Show! Jon Stewart is so adorable! the quote is from that infamous interview on some cable show.

I just liked this quote from Buffy/Angel & it was a good excuse to use a picture of Angel vamped out.

I got hooked on Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot at OmegaCon. I use this pic if I'm talking about games, or just whenever I feel like a Killer Bunny is appropriate.

Another from the Firefly icon making spree. One of my favorite non-spoiler lines from the Serenity movie.

I've been a Gear Daddies fan for longer than I've known Rick. Although I've seen the Gear Daddies and Martin Zellar many many many times, I've only ever had a camera there one time, and it was really dark & my batteries were low so many of the pictures just didn't even turn out. But Oh!, those dimples...

Me holding an Oscar, sort of. It's not a real Oscar, but it's a very cool fake. This picture was taken inside the Universal Studios prop warehouse & this fake Oscar has almost certainly been in several movies. This icon goes into heavy rotation in January-March for Oscar season, and it's also used a lot in the fall during the Central Standard Film Festival.

Another zoo picture. I have a Minnesota Zoo membership so I go there a lot. The meerkats (Timon from the Lion King) are just so darn cute & also close enough for good pictures. I use this one a lot in zoo posts or just when there is no particular emotion to convey.

The 3rd Firefly icon (although actually the first I made) I liked the quote & I had photo shop brushes I wanted to play with. This is one of the first ones where I started putting font information on the user info page, partly for my own reference and partly for if other people wanted to use the same one.

After Spirit landed the pictures were everywhere & since Moose often travels without me I figured he could definitely go to Mars. I screwed this one up though because I put the text on before shrinking it to 100x100 so i lost a lot of quality. Therefore I don't use it very often. But it's still there because I will redo it some day.

Nightcrawler is my alltime favorite X-Men character! *bamf*

I love Bloom County & Opus. I love Star Trek. How could I not use the combo of the two? I use this one a lot when Sci-fi geeking

I finally made myself an icon for photography posts. I knew I wanted a photography quote of some sort so I just did some google searches. I found a whole page of photography quotes and I liked this one. The photo is one of mine, of course. I wanted something simple enough that text wouldn't obscure most of it.

My God-son drew this picture & it was on the fridge at his house. I thought it was so cute I took a picture with the sole plan of turning it into a user pic.

When Season 5 of Angel came out one of the things I was most excited about & the first episode I re-watched when I got it was the puppet!Angel episode, "Smile Time." Season 5 had some of the best diaglogue, especially some of the flirting snarkiness between Angel & Spike.

Even though I rarely post about quilting & I haven't done much lately the quilt in this picture is VERY important to me. My grandmother Stelzig hand pieced the quilt top with scraps from her kids (my dad!) old clothes. My mother also thinks that my great-grandmother Stelzig may have been the one to start it. Because it's hand pieced we felt it should be hand quilted & my mother had started it, but only had about 4 of the circles done & in a pattern I wasn't thrilled with because I thought it was way too simple. I found the flower pattern in a quilt magazine that had a quilt in the same pattern. When I started doing the hand-quilting (after taking out my mom's inferior, IMHO, quilting) I didn't bother to count how many circles I would be quilting the flower into: 144! I go in streaks where i work on it a lot, and then not for months. I'm about 1/4 done. Mom thinks she is getting the quilt back when it is done, but after doing the hand quilting it will be MINE! But I just made this icon last week so I haven't used it yet!

This is Spike in the musical episode of Buffy, Once More With Feeling, and Rest is Peace is the name of the song he sings. This was the first time I heard James Marsters sing and OMG! His voice is pure sex!

Strangers In Paradise is one of my favorite comic books. The women in it all look real!

One of my newest Spike icons. I wanted to use the naked!Spike for non-drinking posts too so I just did a non-animated one.

Because when something good happens to someone you do a snoopy dance!

Guess What?! It's another Firefly icon! It is from the pilot. Wash is so cute in this scene!

I actually didn't make this one. I got it on an icon community. That may be why I don't use it very often. Mostly I use it for posts about ADD or shrink visits. I like the quote, but I don't really like the design or font so I will probably redo this one sometime.

Traveling Moose with the lovely Virginia Hey. She played Zhaan on Farscape and we met her at ValleyCon in Fargo a couple years ago. She is an absolute sweeteheart!

Another Buffy Quote. (I know, big suprise!)

This is the character "Death" from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic series. She's cool & the art is by Chris Bacchalo. If you haven't read Sandman, go do it now! (Hennepin County Library has all the trade paperbacks of it...)

Another zoo picture. I *heart* tigers

Don't ask me to explain it but I have a real love of the music I call "Detroit White Trash." I absolutely adore Uncle Kracker's music, all of it. And I also have a larger Kid Rock collection than I should probably admit to. I don't really listen to any other rap, a little Eminem, that's it. But I loves me my Uncle!

Another sleepy icon. This time it's Lump yawning.

This is from a set of postcards chebutykin got me a couple Christmases ago. I've collected postcards since I was about 12.

Yes, there is an icon that is a picture of me! I took this one the day I dyed my hair "Plush Plum" shortly after I got my camera. I think I actually look good in this picture.

hellbob is always saying how he doesn't get the "Vampires are hot" thing. He says that they are undead leeches & that sex with vampires would be necrophilia. I say, who cares! They're hot!

And one more zoo photo.

zerbie made this one for me in response to one of her posts. You told her to make you an icon and she picked one of you interests & made one. This one is "Zombies"

I did say I had a lot of them...

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