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I feel all tested out...
I had my ADD appointment this morning and I took the number clicky test, an IQ test, a knowledge test, the Stroop color word test, a copy the drawing on the card test, a psychological test (like a mini MMPI) and then the clicky test again...
The clicky test is one to test your attention, both visual & audio. The computer in a random pattern will either display a 1 or 2 or say 1 or 2 out loud and you have to click the mouse only when it is a one. This test lasts for like 15 minutes and it is insanely boring!
Then, because 3 hours of tests didn't feel like enough, I stopped in the testing center at MCTC and finally took the stupid reading comprehension test. I have over 50 credits that have transferred. I've taken 27 credits at MCTC and maintained a 4.0 GPA. And yet, I wasn't able to register for any classes outside the graphics program because they didn't believe that I could read. So I took the test, scored the highest placement possible and will now hopefully be able to register for classes like a normal person.
I think now it is time to nap on the couch.

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