HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Over the river & through the woods...

hellbob and I went up to see his Grandma in Hibbing this weekend. There was a little snow as we left the Cities, and just north of Hinkley it got pretty bad. Blowing snow, icy roads, and such. Then, right after Cloquet it cleared up quite a bit.
At one point on the highway we passed a truck in the ditch. It wasn't just in the ditch though. It had gone in, and gone up a 30 foot hill and crashed into a fence. Don't know how he could have done it other than to hit the gas.
Once we were in range of Duluth, HB tuned the radio into K-Bear (KBRR?) from Duluth. We heard a commercial for the promotion they were doing: Free Beer! Listening to the
DJ though, I'm not sure how much beer they would have to give away, cuz he sounded half in the bag. There was one point when he paused while talking to take a drink of something. We're assuming it was the beer!
Grandma is doing pretty good for a 90 year old woman.
Stopped at the casino on the way home and donated money to the indians. *sigh* someday I'll win!

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