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"You can't take something off the Internet. It's like taking pee out of a swimming pool."

It's been a while... time for another link post!

1. I was really excited to see this link: The Monster Engine. Waaaaay back in October of 2002 when hellbob, genevra, kaldeth and I went up to Fargo for Valleycon we were mainly going to see Virginia Hey. But, turns out that the artist GOH they had, Dave DeVries, was a really cool guy & we were hanging out with him during the parties (or in the case of the boys, drinking Romulan Ale & Klingon Blood Wine with him...) One of the things we heard about over the weekend was this project he was working on where he would take kids drawings of monsters & their description of what the monsters were like & turn them into a realistic painting. Well, this book is that project & it looks really cool & I'm going to go order it now!

2. This one is a different kind of monster engine: The Beast Blender. It is from the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists & it's a fun little click & drag thing.

3. Do you really know how to type? Or do you cheat by peeking at the keyboard a lot? Das Keyboard's keys are all blank! I think it looks cool.

4. Don't play with your food! Well, okay, maybe just a little... Cool food carvings at Chinese Watermelon Art.

5. Because old things are always funny, Vintage Drug Ads

6. Ever wonder how to clean those pet rats of yours? Here are Rat Laundry instructions. Hmmm. Wonder if I could clean cats the same way?

7. And finally, do you ever laugh at all those silly romance novel covers? This dude did, and then he renamed the books: Romance novels, and then his readers sent their attempts in: Romance novels, part 2

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