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Being sick sucks!

Being sick sucks! You get to stay home from work, but you can't even enjoy it. I think I might as well go to work tomorrow, even if my throat still hurts... And I have to cancel my donation appointment at Memorial Blood Center. For some reason they don't like it when you've been sick...
Tags: blood, sick

  • And the relaxation shall commence!

    At OmegaCon. Yay! Have beer. Yay! Wearing jammies. Yay! Going to go play games now. Yay! Not in Godzilla Grouse room. Boo!

  • lucky13charm!!!

    Look what I bought at the grocery store here!!! You're going to have to come over soon! *evil grin*

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    Re: my previous post. "I usually drink cider rather than beer, so I don't know what beers are good. I need some suggestions of good local beer.…

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