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Those of you who have started using this new tags thing LJ has, what is the advantage of this over memories? Is it pretty much the same thing? I've just recently started going back through my entries to put stuff in memories and so now I am wondering if i should do tags instead, or should I do both?

Also, in a bit of weirdness, I clicked on a Where Am I link and instead of Madcow I am now on the Roastbeef cluster. I'm guessing it is because of my account's status change. but I find it kind of disturbing to go from Madcow to Roastbeef, because you shouldn't turn mad cows into food! And also, I'm now curious to know if all their clusters have bovine names...

*edit* So, my curiousity got the better of me & I started trying to research LiveJournal cluster names. Apparently everyone switching clusters is a normal thing as they upgrade and add new equipment. When they get new equipment they transfer everyone off one of the older machines. Also, the clusters are all actually two machines, so madcow consists of the server Mad and the server Cow. They originally started with South Park names but for reasons unknown to me (i.e. I didn't find it in my google search) they switched to meat. They used to have Cartman, Kenny, Santa, etc. then for a brief while it was colors-blue, green, indigo, etc. So now it's meat-madcow, roastbeef, tenderloin, filetmignon, soybean (?meat for the vegetarians?), porkchop, etc. Not that this really means anything, I just found it interesting.

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