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Alright, I'm considering using tags now instead of memories. Either way I have 3 years of posts to go through because I'd never gotten around to putting anything in memories. You can't use tags for marking other people's post like you can with memories though, can you? Also, iJournal allows a much longer subject line than the LJ interface so if I go into their edit page to add the tags, a lot of times I'll end up losing half my subject if I'm using a relatively long tv/movie quote. Ugh. I'm undecided on what to do. Also, iJournal theoretically supports tags now so I can tag right as I'm entering, but I downloaded what I thought was the latest version and there's no tags spot. If I can't tag as I'm entering I might as well stick with memories since I've gotten about a year back on those... *sigh* I'm just undecided girl here...

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