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"Well, that's Canada... Yup, good ol' Canada. They don't make generalizations about people because t

"Well, that's Canada... Yup, good ol' Canada. They don't make generalizations about people because they're too busy playin' hockey or gettin' drunk or puttin' maple syrup on their ham."

Toronto, here I come!
I officially got word today at work that I can have Friday, August 29th26th off!! Woo hoo!! I was going anyway, but now I don't have to call in sick to do it, which means I won't have to feel guilty about calling in sick and I won't have to not talk about the trip to keep them from suspecting non-sickness on my part!
So, our tentative plan at this point is to get in the car and hit the road at about 6 or 7 on Thursday night & drive straight through to Toronto. That should have us getting there at about 8 or 9 in the morning. If we can get into the hotel that early we can catch a nap since the convention starts at 4pm.

*edit* Edited because I am a dumbass who doesn't look at calendars!

*edit* Grrr. Stupid LJ edit screen doesn't allow the same length of Subject line as iJournal does. I lost most of my "That 70's Show quote when I edited. Grrr. I've put it at the top of the post because darn it! I liked it! And it just doesn't work when shortened!

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