HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Time to upgrade Chiana's brain!

I currently only have 512MB of RAM in Chiana. Next semester I am taking Advanced Photoshop. I'm thinking I need more RAM!!!
She has two memory slots, each with 256MB right now. I can either get 2 512MB for a total of 1GB, or what I will most likely do is bring her up to her maximum with 2 1GB for a total of 2GB.

So what I need is advice from any of you mac types out there. I was talking to AppleStore Scott briefly after Serenity and I remember that he said Crucial is good. I thought he had mentioned another brand but I don't remember what... Going with memory from the Apple Store is definitely NOT an option! Two 1GB memory cards would be $1000!!
On the Crucial web site I can get two 1GB for $369. Scott said he would help me figure out what to get if I see him during CONvergence. All I know is that Chiana wants a faster brain! She's tired of waiting for Photoshop.

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