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There is now less of me to love! 5.4 pounds, to be exact. And since Kathy, my insane mother, cancelled Easter, I don't need to be worried about potluck food sneaking up on my diet. I think it's a good thing I don't have a scale in the house so I won't be tempted to weigh myself too often.
Lumpy is recovering from her surgery. She's back on solid food, which is good because I can't stand the smell of canned cat food.
We went to The Core with passaddhi earlier this week and it was pretty fun. You don't need to think much, but it was entertaining. And since it was a Monday night we ended up with the entire theater to ourselves. I love private screenings!
I have all day off tomorrow (company holiday!) so I will be curled up on the couch watching The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys.
Now I need to go hunt down some dinner.

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  • lucky13charm!!!

    Look what I bought at the grocery store here!!! You're going to have to come over soon! *evil grin*

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