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Just call me Alexander...

I think that today I shall change my name to Alexander because it’s been a terrible rotten no good day…
Chiana’s RAM came yesterday, and intead of making her four times faster, it made her refuse to do anything. Grrr. So I went back to the website it was ordered from and out of over 300 comments/ratings there were 3 that specifically mentioned the G4 15” 1.25Ghz Powerbook & that the RAM wasn’t compatible with it. Grrrr. There were several dozen posts of people raving about how wonderfully it worked in their G4 15” Powerbooks, but they all apparently had the 1Ghz or 1.33Ghz versions but didn’t feel the need to mention that. So now I get to email NewEgg for a return authorization number so I can send them back and get my $200 back! The place I ended up going with that guaranteed compatibility was $300 for the order. *sigh*

Then I was awoken at some ungodly hour by the Gabester horking up a hairball on the floor BY MY SIDE OF THE BED! Little bastard. He should know by now to go do that by Rick’s side.

I didn’t have time to get coffee.

Traffic sucked ass.

I forgot that it was my day to bring treats.

I hate Canada! (Except Toronto at the end of August, of course!)
The S40 report at work doesn’t indicate when things are Canadian, and the arpcsh screen doesn’t either, so if the check that went through the machine was Canadian and I’m crediting the amount the report says they are getting extra money. So now I have to F6 on every cust # to check the address to see if they are evil Canucks or not. Grrrrrr.

Then at work I got stuck with stupid special products manual which I haven’t done in months so I don’t even know what’s non-salable, and I'm incredibly slow at it since I'm out of practice.

The annoying Anti-Lyle had switched the Diet Mountain Dew in the 20oz machine from 3 slots to 2. Guess what was completely sold out this morning? Not the Pepsi which still has 3 slots even though hardly anyone drinks it… And the machine that he actually put banana bread in instead of that stupid blueberry bread that no one eats wasn't taking coins, just paper.

I tried to get the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for my RAM. There’s a form I can fill out online & the comment box says there’s a limit of 500 characters. Keep in mind that this is a computer company I’m dealing with. I type in my reason for return & my unhappiness that a known incompatibility wasn’t indicated in the chip info. Then I send it & it tells me I have more than 500 characters (but of course no indication of how many…) So I cut & past into word and do a character count and come in at over 1000! If they are limiting it to 500 characters, why didn’t they set the box on the form to only accept 500???? This is a very minor & easy thing to do in the whole web design scheme of things.

And because everything else today was going so well, of course I got my period. Because nothing makes a bad day better like cramps!

lucky13charm was having a bad day too. Her home computer died on her & had to be reformatted. And she has to take her car in to the shop and has no idea yet how expensive the things they're looking at are gonna be.

Halfway joking I said to her that Mercury must be in retrograde. The I stopped to think about it. Went to the internets to look. Yup. We're not quite there yet. We are in the shadow period leading into the actual retrograde which is on the 22nd. *sigh* Of course I would try to upgrade my computer now!

So you can do preventive maintenance and schedule, here are the common things that occur, the things Mercury retrograde times are notorious for:
    Communications go awry - phone calls, letters, emails, faxes, conversations are delayed, misinterpreted, blocked.  Recheck everything like appointment times, spelling, wording, the words you say.

    Anticipate detours - memory lapses, confusion, failing to listen, failing to confirm, negotiation failures, changing of plans.

    Avoid signing documents, contracts if possible. You can wait 3 weeks, hopefully.

    Expect travel delays, car trouble, delayed plane schedules, reservations that suddenly becoming "missing", transportation difficulties of all kinds. 

    Expect problems with messages, books, letters, magazines, documents, neighbors and the near environment.

    BACK up your computer files!  This is the time the screen goes blank and there is nothing there!

    Expect the phone lines, cable lines, power lines to have problems.

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