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It was a productive day

I had dinner with my godson & his family to celebrate him reaching the grand old age of 9.
I bought 4 new bras & the comfortable brand/style I like now comes in pretty colors too and not just white & black & beige.
I managed to successfully stop the Gilmore Girls DVD between episodes instead of watching all four in lieu of going to bed.
I learned that while I am freaky flexible I can't do that step through your hands when they are handcuffed behind you so that they are now in front of you thing.
I also learned how to pick handcuffs to remove them without a key. (Although there was a key so this skill was not needed)
I Dance Dance Revolutioned very poorly but worked up a sweat.
I listened to stoney321's 3 disc mix, "Faith" which has lots of great songs she picked based on Eliza Dushku's Buffy character.

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