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I've been kinda quiet lately...

Hi everyone. I'm not sure why, just haven't been rambling at y'all so much lately.

I haven't gotten too many chances to play with the new Rebel yet (darn need to work my day job if I want the moneys!) but I'll be testing it out on Beth & the TechnoMonkey tonight when we go babysit. Now that Mike has a fun nickname we need to come up with one for Beth...

Gardening Goddess stoney321 identified my weird alien flowers as Surprise Lilies.

My copy of The Monster Engine arrived in the mail yesterday! There was also a fridge magnet, a short note from Dave and the book was autographed. Very cool. Have y'all gone and ordered your copies yet? http://www.themonsterengine.com/ (no fancy 'click here' links because I am at work & lazy without my LJ client)

All you computer admin guys out there... You know how at every company you work at they always say "You can't install anything on your machine without IS approval." I know this is to prevent illegal copies of stuff and spyware & viruses and stuff, but would your average IS department be upset if you installed iTunes? Cuz I did. I don't want to get in trouble, but dammit, it's just iTunes! I was just tired of using Win Media Player, and iTunes has the podcast support now. I like getting to listen to The Signal and TWiT while working! Well I guess we'll see if they even notice!
Ran into a snag with school last night as I was doing my financial aid stuff. My Advanced Photoshop class is only 2 credits. Even if I can finagle my Tues afternoons off for Typography 2 I would only be at 5 credits which doesn't get me financial aid, and the Speech class I had been contemplating is now full. Ugh. So I'll only be taking one class, but I won't be racking up extra loan debt because 2 credits out of pocket doesn't cost that much. *sigh* Stupid Sharon, not looking at the number of credits!

The DDR thing's been going pretty good. I still suck but I'm averaging at least every other day on it, which is pretty good for someone who's a slug like me!

Went to El Loro last night with chebutykin and Cajones, and the food was wonderful as always. While there we were discussing what El Loro actually translated to and the guess was parrot because there were lots of things with parrot motifs. I googled it when I got home & discovered that it was indeed parrot. Then I saw Cheb's post this morning and she had discovered the same thing. After dinner I hung out at the super warm & humid Asylum for a little while, watched Mythbusters, had an orange creamsicle, and had a brief alisgrey encounter before heading home.

We are currently at 2 1/2 people in the car for the Toronto trip. No, the 1/2 person isn't just someone who's really short... frozen_dragon will be along for the ride as far as South Bend, IN, and then we'll pick her & her cats up on our way home. Hopefully she'll be well rested to do some of the driving at that point. Or lucky13charm, since she's got Monday off work and I don't!

I need to take my camera out to play this weekend. What should I take pictures of??

D'oh! Stupid lunch hour is over. Back to work!

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